Day 57: life. 

Blow is a photo indication of the hecticness of my life. Seriously. Sangria in a beer glass doing late night stress relief DIY projects. Mom needs a break. 


Day 56: date night 

Tonight my husband and I went out on an impromptu date. Because we have so much family close by we are able to do that because someone is always willing to watch our kids even though we aren’t always willing to leave them. As we were about to leave my son started crying saying he wanted to go on our date with us… After that my husband and I seriously considered grabbing food and bringing it home to be with our kids… seriously we sat in the drive way and contemplated it for 5 minutes before pulling away. 

We haven’t been to dinner with just the two of us since our daughter was born. We are insanely fast, because when you have two children you eat as fast as possible before someone spills, cries, or decides they need to sit in your lap, so eating quickly is habitual now. 

We finished dinner within an hour of leaving the house and as we were driving home decided to stop by they grocery store because we needed milk and eggs. That’s real life you may be away from your kids but you never stop thinking about the things they need. Let’s just say we were only gone for 90 minutes but both kids got extra mom and dad snuggles before bedtime. 

Day 55: naked. 

My son cried and screamed for 15 minutes today because we wouldn’t let him run around naked in the front yard. He wanted to run in the sprinklers but didn’t want to ruin his clothes so he stripped down to the buff in our front yard and demanded to play naked. In the backyard no big deal but seriously the front yard… and here I was standing in my house with a toddler screaming and crying at me completely naked demanding to go outside. That’s my life. 

Day 54: working from home. 

I applaud the parents that can somehow manage to work from home, stay at home with their children, and still accomplish cooking, cleaning, entertaining their children, lawn care, laundry, and having a life. 

Most days I feel overrun with dirt, toys, and sticky shit everywhere…. maybe this mom just needs more sleep than most. 

Day 53: “but I’m not holding anything” 

Okay. Remember my post saying that you have to teach your children every thing. Even phrases. 

So we are potty training and my son isn’t used to holding in his pee until we get to a bathroom. So we will be in the car and he will say he has to pee. I will respond with “can you hold it?” and he will say, “but I’m not holding anything!” while holding up both hands in the air showing me he really isn’t holding anything. These moments are the ones I want to remember. 

Day 51: Easter. 

Because I stay home, do play dates, and have a ton of family around we have five Easter activities scheduled. 

1. Last weekend with our play date friends. We had an Easter egg hunt and it was so much fun. 

2. Pancake breakfast with the Easter Bunny at a mall because we thought it was an Easter egg hunt. But the kids got some awesome face paint and it gave me an excuse to shop. 

3. Easter egg hunt with my husbands family. 

4. Easter egg hunt with just the four of us. We have to find the eggs and basket the Easter Bunny hid for us. 

5. Easter egg hunt and family dinner with my family. 

Seriously. In one week we have five Easter events. We are so lucky to live by all of our family and have so many people that want to be involved in our kids lives but man we are super busy around any holiday, birthday, or weekend. 

Day 50: The doctor. 

Okay. We have an amazing pediatrician. I mean amazing. She is so great with my kids and lets me know I’m being crazy about things I don’t need to worry about. 

It never fails going to a well child check you worry about your baby. Is she hitting all of her milestones? Does she weigh enough? Is she average? With my son we obsessed about his milestones and made sure he was hitting them before he was supposed to. With my daughter we are just trying to survive having two children under the age of three. She isn’t hitting all of her milestone which instanty sends you into a shitty spiral of parent guilt. I cannot help but think to myself, “what am I doing wrong? Why can’t I help her? I’m obviously not doing a great job at this mom thing…”. Today our pediatrician told me that if she doesn’t start showing interest in crawling, pulling herself up, or cruising soon she might have to go into physical therapy. Let’s just add the to parent guilt… seriously. I love baby 1 and baby 2 the exact same amount but is my parenting so different with them that my daughter isn’t hitting her milestones. All of these gut wrenching guilt questions have been running through my mind all afternoon. 

I just have to keep reminding myself I am doing the best parenting job I can and that maybe focusing so intensely on the milestones isn’t such a bad thing…. 

Day 48: Chaos and Silence 

I am not a person that thrives in chaos. I don’t like disorder and I don’t like change. It gives me anxiety and makes me extremely irratble and uncomfortable. That being said without all of the things going on in my life like screaming kids, barking dogs, constant messes, diaper changes, and potty training I find my life too quiet and well to be honest lonely. Even though my dogs drive me crazy because they are jumping fences while my toddler is pooping and the baby is crying I miss them when they are gone.