Target where dreams live and budgets die.

Okay so here we go…

Yesterday I decided to take my children and mom (who is visiting) to Target to look for new shoes for my toddler. Seemingly simple task for anyone who doesn’t have children. We started our adventure at the in Target Starbucks to get Hudson a cake pop, because I totally believe in bribing him for good behavior (never apologize for parenting),with his chocolate cake pop in hand we start off toward the shoe aisle. Hudson has recently (thank you flu virus) become obsessed with Paw Patrol. For those of you who don’t know Paw Patrol is a show about an 11 year old with trained talking puppies that save Adventure Bay on a daily basis because the adults that live there apparently feel it is appropriate to let a child and his pet dogs solve their problems. Anyways… as we are walking down the shoe aisle picking out shoes he finds light up Paw Patrol shoes, I knew we were done for at that moment. Luckily they had his size and after he tries them on he refuses to take them off (and they are tethered together), or try on any other shoes because and I quote the second the other shoes touch his feet “they hurt me”. Now when you have a toddler you become the master of negations. After five minutes of convincing him to remove the tied together shoes and put back on his old ones we head towards the baby clothes for Knox (yes Knox, she is female and I will address why we named her this in a later post). As my mom and I are oohing and awing over the adorable baby girls clothes Hudson has decided to wreck havoc by swinging his new shoes over his head and hitting all the clothes displays, at this point not even the cake pop can tear him away from being independent and having fun. This is one of those moments I stand there thinking to myself, “…and this is my life”. We quickly decide we have to leave Target and go home. Flash forward to bedtime, Hudson is refusing to take off his shoes and take a bath, so I again negotiate that if he is good in the bath that I will let him sleep with his new shoes. So yes I am the mom that let my 2 1/2 year old win and sleep with his new shoes, hey at least he wasn’t wearing them to bed. That is a parenting win.


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