Day Three: Acceptable cursing.

I am going to start by saying this, NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR PARENTING!:

I have a foul mouth. I have always cursed. I find it absolutely acceptable to enhance language with cursing. I never cuss at my children but they often hear me swearing. For instance, today while driving to the store with the three kids and husband in tow, all singing Raffi, I spot a brick wall that has obviously been hit by a car. I felt that the best way to point out the half demolished wall to my husband was to say and I quote, “Holy shit look at that fucking wall! Someone obviously hit it”. My two and a half year old immediately started to say, “holy shit”. Most parents would scold their kids for that kind of language, I just looked back and him and said, “Dude I know!”.

Do not get me wrong there are some boundaries with teaching Hudson language. He isn’t allowed to cuss at someone and I feel he knows this, he isn’t allowed to say that fucking dog or fucking mom (under his breath because he is two and he does this…). The only taboo word that he ever gets in trouble for and instantly corrected is stupid. I hate it. He has a vast vocabulary if he truly has distain for something he can pick a different word, and I tell him that. It is easy just say “hey dude pick a different adjective”. Does not allowing him to say “stupid” but “holy shit” and “fuck” are acceptable make me a hypocrite? Eh who the fuck cares.


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