Day Four: Chaos

Being a parent is basically about living in a state of organized chaos. I would say I am an “A-type personality” I like things a certain way. I may be over critical at times *cough cough sorry Colbs* to my husband when he STEALS THE SILVERWARE AND DOESN’T BRING IT HOME,  when he puts mugs in the wrong place, or does something horribly offensive like breath too loud while he is eating. Children give absolutely zero fucks where anything goes or that you just vacuumed your entire house ten minutes ago before spilling an entire bowl of popcorn and them smooshing it into the carpet with their feet because it is funny… There are days I look around my house covered in dog fur, spilled snacks, and sticky shit (that cannot always be identified or is occasionally actual shit) on every surface and think to myself this is actually my life and I chose it. Then my daughter wants a snuggle, or Hudson says something completely adorable like I am his best friend or that he loves me and I instantly remind how awesome my life actually is. Today Hudson and his cousin Brylee literally took out every toy in the house and left them in disarray while my giant dog Sampson is simultaneously ripping the stuffing out of his toy reindeer and throwing it around with a grin on his face. That my friends is chaos.


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