Day 7: other moms

Okay. So I’ve said it before and I mean it. I love staying home with my kids. Because I do stay home with my kids they don’t always get interaction with other kids like they would if there were at daycare. Meaning… I have to make friends with other moms so we can force our kids to hang out. So even though I’m married and have an amazing circle of family and friends (like two or three friends I actually like) I have to put myself out there and meet people. It sounds easy but it really isn’t. I mean sometimes I actually have to do my hair and make up so they don’t think I’m this “frumpy young mom”. Oh yes friends I am considered a “young mom”. I feel like I’ll need to address this in a later post. But seriously mid twenties isn’t young and I was basically born acting 60. 

It is so hard making mom friends. I always like their kids and can usually tolerate their parents. Usually. Let me explain, parents are weird. They just are. Some of them are so insecure about their parenting that all they do is compliment you on how good of a parent you are (like a boyfriend that lets you walk all over him), some are insanely over protective that if their kid gets pushed down even on accident they become crazed grizzly bears seeing daylight after hibernation, and some mom’s literally complain about EVERYTHING! I mean everything their husbands, kids, house, neighbors, other people’s kids, etc. I’m not saying I’m the perfect parent but we are all trying to do our best and someday our kids will appreciate us for it. That’s how I feel. I’ve become the mom at play dates that just smiles and nods at the other mom’s because I don’t feel like competing with them about our children. I don’t care that your kid eats super healthy organic food, because my son has decided that he’s only eating spegettios because he saw the can at the grocery store this week. Oh your 8 month old already says five words? Good for you, they sound like grunts to me but whatever makes you feel better about your life. I just want to be the mom that is their for her kids and their friends no matter how many letters they know or how high they can count. I want to be the mom that doesn’t judge other mom’s because their kid is being a jerk that day and pushing down other kids. That is my parenting goal. 


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