Day Six: Funny things my son has said

I very rarely get embarrassed by anything my son says. Seriously he slews some curse words at a play date and I just tell parents we let him “express his feelings” while trying not to laugh… Here are a few examples of times he has 100% embarrassed me:

  1. For a few weeks every time he would meet someone new and his dad was with us he would say, “this is my new Dad”, with a super proud look on his face. The first time this happened I was so flabbergasted I honestly just nervous laughed.
  2. At a playdate he pointed to my pelvic area and told the mom that I was wearing a new iPad…. yes that actually happened.
  3. At dinner today he told me, “I think I’m getting my period”. (I obviously am far too open about my menstrual cycle).
  4. For a few days every time I would put him in his carseat he would say, “my penis is broke” over and over again…
  5. At the zoo he asked my Mom where her penis was and what it looked like… My body positive NURSE mother was so embarrassed I couldn’t do anything but laugh.
  6. That same night he was telling everyone at dinner what their genitalia was, he would point and say, “you have a penis, you have a vagina, you have a vagina, you have a vagina, and I have a penis” with a giant smile on his face.
  7. Whenever he gets something new he says, “This is pretty fancy to me”, or “thats pretty fancy though”.
  8. He refuses to call the windshield wipers anything but “weeper wipers”. Which my husband finds hilarious and adorable.

Okay so the last two aren’t embarrassing but are super adorable and something I hope to never forget.

I really did post this last night but hit save and not publish… oops.


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