Day 12: potty training

Today we started potty training I’ve been telling myself that we would do this for months and today is the day. We have 10 diapers left and I’m refusing to buy more (the Costco size boxs of pull ups in the basement doesn’t count). I feel like this was I am held accountable and so is Hudson. 

It hasn’t really gone as well as I hoped… a lot of super hero underwear was thrown around, there were a lot of tears from all involved, and nap time was a two hour endeavor of attempting to use the potty and getting him to wear the pull ups. At about 10:30am (yes less than 4 hours into the day) I almost gave in and went to the store to buy diapers. 

I promised myself we wouldn’t potty train this way. I would never force him to use the bathroom if it made him uncomfortable and emotionally upset. And then I realized I’m raising what I like to call “a free thinker” or “natural born leader” (others may call him stubborn or bossy) but the kid plays me and will only use the potty on his terms like when it is bedtime or nap time or he’s getting in trouble as a distraction technique. So here we are staring each other down while he pees into the laundry basket refusing to use the potty even with a jelly bean incentive… this is my life negotiating with a toddler over using the bathroom as he yells at me “JUST BUY ME MORE DIAPERS! I NEED THEM!” It is going to be a long week for me friends. A long one. 


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