Day 14: potty training day three 

Okay. Technically we are on day 4 of potty training and haven’t had a single accident. If only you could see my happy dance. I actually did a fist pump. I even took him in the car seat and he didn’t pee (5 minute drive still counting it as a win!). 

There are so many rules about using the bathroom you don’t even think about as an adult. Like hey it isn’t cool to dunk your butt in the water (not that my big ole butt could fit in there…), but seriously as a toddler it seems fun. Potty training can be so confusing to kids. For instance we always cheer when he pees or poops and when he does something else and we cheer (like singing the ABCs for the first time) we take a video or picture. So it only makes sense that he pooped in the potty and wanted to take a picture to send to his dad. Seriously. Totally weird but I get it. So his dad got a picture of his “monster potty poop” yesterday. 

His new thing is he wants “privacy”when he’s pooping. He actually asked me to shut the door and leave today while he was pooping. “I need privacy” he said. I’m like hey dude I would love to poop or pee by myself. But oh no it is a family activity that the dogs even need to be in the bathroom for…. I get it that he wants to be alone so he poops alone then calls me in to look at his poop and help him clean up (yes I still wipe butts ALL day), flush, wash his hands, and give him jelly beans. I miss diapers. Not going to lie potty training is a lot of fucking work for everyone involved. 


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