Day 17: mimosa Monday 

The first time I really hung out with my husband it was at a bar. We each maybe had two beers each  and closed down the bar talking and then went to Waffle House and talked some more until 5am. I was only 21 and knew I had found my bestfriend. When he left Waffle House that morning he swore he knew he was going to marry me. Long story short that night we decided we would get together that Monday and do nothing but sit outside and day drink mimosas. It never happened. He cancelled our plans and asked me out on a first date weeks later. 

Today after a stressful morning with our children losing their shit at breakfast I seriously longed to crack open the $5.00 champagne that has been in my fridge for a year and have a mimosa Saturday. After potty training all week and just normal toddler and infant meltdowns we deserved it. You know what we did instead because we are good parents? We played with our kids, cleaned while they napped, made them lunch, and packed for an evening BBQ with family. 

I swear when they leave for college I am laying outside with my husband and drinking mimosas all day long. That is a goal that someday we will accomplish. That is real romance people. 


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