Day 21: the zoo. 

My kids love the zoo. We go pretty often and have a system. Seriously we do. We go for 2-3 hours then come home for a nap. The system is flawless. Staying home with children forces you to have a daily activity even when you honestly don’t want to leave your bed. If you don’t tire them out with an activity forget about naptime. And trust me those few prescious minutes alone in the middle of the day are amazing. I can literally accomplish more when my kids are napping than I did when I was single and in college.

Today at the zoo my toddler and his aunt fed an elephant. His favorite animals are elephants, owls, hippos, and moose. It was awesome watching how excited he was and he didn’t even have a potty accident. It was an amazing, magical day for all involved. Here is Lucky the elephant he fed up close and personal. What a beauty. 


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