Day 23: dinner. 

As anyone who has a toddler knows mealtimes become war. There are a thousand other things your toddler could be doing than eating. An infant on the other hand is totally okay with eating peacefully at dinner and watching the banter between me and my son. Hudson is intelligent. I know all people say that but he really is. At dinner last night we had this conversation:

Me: “you cannot get down until you all your chicken nuggets. You asked for them, you eat them”.

Hudson: “mom, I can’t eat all of them because I can only eat one at a time”.

Me: “okay then eat one at a time but make sure you eat all of them. We don’t ask for food and then not eat it”.

Hudson: “okay (as he is scrapping all of the other food off his plate) I’m not eating any of this because I didn’t ask for it”.

Me: *faceplam*

Seriously how does a 2 1/2 year  old argue that… I have no idea but I did make him finish his Dino nuggets he “needed” to have for dinner and his fruits and veggies.

Attached is a picture of how he eat apple slices. Welcome to my life. The struggle is real.


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