Day 25: Be greatful

When I was young my great grandpa Joe would pull on his suspenders before he sat on the couch to tell us stories. He would always talk about growing up during the Great Depression. He would start with, “when I was young (the great vague term) and I had to have my tonsils out the doctor just came to the house and took them out on the kitchen table, you kids don’t know how lucky you are these days”. I would sit there thinking am I lucky? I don’t feel lucky. I still have to see the doctor and get shots I would rather they came to my house… I couldn’t grasp how lucky I was to grow up in an middle class home with health insurance.

As my grandpa Joe started feeling his mortality he would talk about going hungry during the depression. It seemed like he was still bitter of the fact that many days and nights he would go hungry while his father always got a meal. He would say that in those times the men or heads of the household were fed first because they worked hard and needed to provide. He would then talk about how proud he was that his three boys never went a day in their lives without a meal. I honestly could not grasp the thought that many times he went hungry and I was upset because I didn’t get exactly what I wanted for Christmas…  Now with my own children I get it. I cannot imagine taking care of myself before them. Grandpa Joe couldn’t either. He was a great man who loved food. Really quick story that has nothing to do with being greatful but… the man had two heart attacks. During his third heart attack he made himself bacon and eggs before calling 911 because he knew they would only give him healthy food in the hospital. That’s real. I also understand his love for bacon.

I am greatful now my mom worked as hard as she did while I was growing up. I never worried about going to the doctor, food, or money. Isn’t it every parents goal that their children have a little bit better of a life than they did? I am so greatful of all the hardworkers before me and I hope my kids are hard working and positive compassionate contributors to society.


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