Day 26: social anxiety 

How do you teach your children to be social when you as a parent/person have social anxiety? I hate meeting new people. I hated it as a kid. That is why I literally have two friends and then family. My best friend that I met in college and I only started talking because we had the same exact class schedule one semester and were impulsively earlier to class than anyone else. We both also disdain the sound of chewing. We didn’t even speak to each other until our last class of the day that we were both early to…

As a mom I have to take my kids in public and hope that they can make friends with other kids. Going to the park creates so much anxiety for me because I don’t know if other kids will play with my kids…. that’s real. I don’t care if people like me but seriously I want my kid to be “normal” and play easily with other children. The struggle is real. You want your children to be individuals but at the same time you want them to fit in with the other kids so that their lives are easy. So here I am deconpressing after the park hoping my kids will fit but also be badass individuals this is my life creating anxiety about anxiety….


One thought on “Day 26: social anxiety 

  1. Hey, at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, everybody only has a couple of actual friends!

    Also, after the dust settled, it was so obvious to me that my siblings were my very best friends, and I theirs. You gave them each other, and they’ll never be able to thank you enough. Out of the 6 of us, we have a couple of very shy ones at times, and we strengthen each other. That’s what family is for. 🙂

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