Day 27: Baby 1 vs Baby 2: Nap time

When my son was a baby and I was freshly staying home I OBSESSED about his schedule. I mean I obsessed about everything he did but especially his schedule. I had all of his naps, meals, and bedtime planned out and wouldn’t lapse by more than 5 minutes. I was a crazy first time parent. I feel like you are 100% allowed to be totally insane with your first kid because it is a completely new and terrifying experience. I wouldn’t plan family dinners and stay out past his bedtime (7pm) because I thought it would ruin his schedule. In all fairness that was mostly true. He wouldn’t sleep as well and would be cranky the next day. But I also created a child that has a hard time coping with change…

Now here we are with baby number 2. I literally woke her up from her nap which usually lasts about 2 hours after she had only been asleep for 30 minutes ( I would have slaughter anyone that did this when my son was a baby) because we had lunch plans. Seriously I woke the baby for a lunch date. We go to lunch she is amazing and super happy. Then we decide to head to the park so my son can burn some energy, the next few days are supposed to be crappy weather so he needed to get out, and my daughter still didn’t nap. We finally get home at 2:40 and she goes down for a nap. That is insanity she was a perfect, awake baby all that time without a real nap. And then she fell asleep for an hour and a half and all hell broke loose. Now I remember why I never ever veered from my sons schedule. Being the second baby is hard (I know I am the youngest) but man she is a great baby.


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