Day 28: Tired days

Let’s be honest being a parent is exhausting. Being a stay at home parent is exhausting because you constantly have your children. All day every day. Normally I love being at my kids beck and call. I love hanging out with them because they are awesome. But I’ll be honest there are days and they are usually very rare that I dread having to be the primary care giver. Seriously. I’m human and it is absolutely allowed. Last night I was awake from 1:30-5 am with each kid taking turn having to go to the bathroom, nursing, and being soothed back to sleep and then had to be up bright and early to get everyone out the door for a play date by 9. I know working moms are probably rolling your eyes and thinking she has it so good. But being around your kids with no break is taxing emotionally and mentally. We spent all day surrounded by little kids screaming, yelling, playing, and having fun at monkey bizness (basically an indoor play place). It is sensory overload for everyone. Neither child napped after this excursion (lovely) so this momma hasn’t had a break. We all need breaks. 

So here I am totally exhausted with a frozen lasagna in the oven hoping I can keep my eyes open and my sanity intact until bedtime. This is raw parenting. I haven’t even gotten to pee alone today. 


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