Day 29: people and babies. 

Okay. I’ll warn you. This is 100% a ranting post. The only life lessons you’ll learn here is what to say to piss off a mom but trust me, you’ll say them anyways. I’ve even said some of these to other moms. 

When a baby is exclusively breast fed and gets fussy do not automatically say to the mom “oh she must be hungry”. In my head my response is usually “really? Maybe she just doesn’t fucking like you because your a stranger… “. My husband does this all the time. He did it with both babies the second they would start crying or wake up in the middle of the night he would say “they only want you because they are hungry”, even if I just fed them and we are out he looks at me if they cry and says, “when did you feed her/him last?”. Like I don’t know when the last time I had someone attached to my boob was? Seriously. I instantly go from a peaceful calm person (as calm as I can be) to irritated. 

This also happens with teething if you don’t have a baby I will just let you know now they drool and constantly put things in their mouth. Do not be alarmed it doesn’t mean they are teething it means they are exploring the world with their senses. My daughter has been “teething” since she was 4 months old according to every single person she has ever met because she’s a drooler that likes to chew on everything. I know people mean well when they like to inform me they think my kid is teething but again I think I would know considering she’s attached to my nipples at least 8 times a day… 

Today I can rest easy because she finally has a tooth coming through. I no longer have to feel like verbally attacking someone for asking me if she’s teething because yes she is… and here is her beautiful bottom tooth coming through (please ignore her face smeared with yogurt and chunks of french toast on her pjs I discovered her tooth during breakfast) 


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