Day 34: heartbreak 

Because I stay home with my children ALL the time. They never really get a chance to miss me. Seriously. Since my son was born I’ve spent five nights away from him. Seriously five. One for a bachelorette party (that one was super difficult because it was the first and I was pregnant and couldn’t even drink…) but it was worth it getting to see a late night burlesque show. One to have a date night with my husband at a hotel. We literally got the the hotel passed out woke up for sushi and went back to the hotel to sleep and got up at 5 am to go get our son because we both missed him so much. And three nights when I had my daughter (she was a c-section) but he came to visit us everyday. I just feel like he is too young to be away from both of his parents for an extended period of time. Maybe when he’s 10 he can have that freedom, maybe. 

Today I dropped him off at my grandparents house (and he loves it there) to play for the day so I can do some work and he cried when I left. He even promised he would take a nap so I could work. He hasn’t cried when I’ve left him for a few hours since he was 15 months old. So here I am contemplating staying up until midnight tonight to get my work done so I can go hang out with him instead. I can’t even imagine what pre-school is going to be like next year. 


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