Day 42: movies

Here I am at 12:30 am wide awake. I had the headache from hell all day. Passed out shortly after the kids fell asleep (8:30 and it was glorious) and have been up three times. Once to soothe my toddler, once to feed the baby, and the third time to take my toddler to the bathroom. You try falling asleep after that… 

My son didn’t watch tv or see a screen until he was well over 1. My poor daughter has been subjected to the movie minion and all the Paw Patrol episodes since she was days old. I didn’t want my children to watch a ton of tv and then I had two of them. This post isn’t about screen time but movie content. My son has recently started watching “real movies”, not cartoons. We tried Harry Potter that was too scary, but avengers age of ultron and captain America civil war? Totally okay. Today (or I guess yesterday) he was inconsolable because we watched Despicable Me and he didn’t understand why the dad (Gru) gives the little girls back to their mom (the lady that runs the orphanage). Seriously. Real people dressed as super heroes fighting other people doesn’t phase him but children crying in a cartoon is too much. 

Once we tried to watch Pocahontas and he was so scared he was shaking when the Native American was shot but he’s totally cool with the minions killing every boss they have… my point here is you never know what will set kids off or what they will like. So alway, ALWAYS pre-watch a movie before your kid sees it. I never realized how violent kids movies actually are (I’m looking at you Disney! Stop killing off moms!!). I cannot wait until Knox has a say in what we watch so they can fight over that instead of cheetos and rice puffs. 


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