Day 46: body image 

Today I tried to teach my son a valuable lesson about ideal body images. We were watching Justice League cartoons and one of the villains is a female cheetah with huge boobs. He looks at me and asks, “Mom why does that Tiger have boobs?”.  So I answered in a slightly annoyed tone (not with him but with society for the way they portray woman and muscular men for that matter…) that she had boobs, “because even in cartoons women are sexulaized and that’s why it’s important to be a feminist”. 

He looked at me slightly perplexed and said, “does she nurse her baby with her boobs?”. I replied immensely proud, “yes, yes she does”. Moments like this make me realize there is still hope in the world and my kids will change it for the better. He’s going to be okay. 

Here is the villain super appropriate: 


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