Day 47: Hard Days

I feel like I cannot stress enough how hard it is to be a parent. There are seriously days when your kids refuse to listen to you and behave like manics and you are just looking around thinking, “I should not be a parent, I can’t even control a two year old”. All parents have these dark moments and it doesn’t make you a bad parent it makes you human. Today my neighbor came over and she has 8 insanely well behaved children. My son was jumping on the couch hitting at me when I told him to stop and being a total jerk. I will say it because it is true in that moment he was being a total dick like only toddlers can be. I was at my breaking point from then on until bedtime when he looked at me and told me I am his best friend and he loves me, and then he kissed me on the forehead. And that my friends is what having children is really like. They can be nightmares all day and then do something so incredibly sweet that you forgive them for anything and your heart literally swells with love and you cannot help but smile.


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