Day 56: date night 

Tonight my husband and I went out on an impromptu date. Because we have so much family close by we are able to do that because someone is always willing to watch our kids even though we aren’t always willing to leave them. As we were about to leave my son started crying saying he wanted to go on our date with us… After that my husband and I seriously considered grabbing food and bringing it home to be with our kids… seriously we sat in the drive way and contemplated it for 5 minutes before pulling away. 

We haven’t been to dinner with just the two of us since our daughter was born. We are insanely fast, because when you have two children you eat as fast as possible before someone spills, cries, or decides they need to sit in your lap, so eating quickly is habitual now. 

We finished dinner within an hour of leaving the house and as we were driving home decided to stop by they grocery store because we needed milk and eggs. That’s real life you may be away from your kids but you never stop thinking about the things they need. Let’s just say we were only gone for 90 minutes but both kids got extra mom and dad snuggles before bedtime. 


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