Okay so my bestie, the Anne to my Leslie, decided to challenge herself to write everyday because she is dying of boredom and isolation in CT and wanted to challenge herself intellectually. So I started thinking, “I need to challenge myself intellectually before I lose all of my extensive knowledge of last minute procrastinating writing skills I learned in college”. I also want to blog about all the hilarious things that happen in my day to day life with a “free thinking” toddler and infant. I have also been told from time to time to write a book about my parenting (not because I am the worlds best mom but because I am real) so you know maybe one day…

I am in my late (and getting later) 20’s with a mostly useless college degree, 2 very large and adorable dogs, 1 husband who I 100% believe is my soulmate, and 2 of the greatest kids in existence. When my husband and I got married almost 5 years ago I decided to forgo a career/grad school and stay at home with our children. Best. Decision. Ever. I love everything about my life but on daily basis I look around at the constant chaos and think to myself, “…and this is my life”.