Day 40: children are odd 

I think all children are odd. Seriously. They haven’t been taught to be “normal” so they do things exactly how they want to do them. My son went through a phase that if you cut up his food he would cry and say you broke it and he would refuse to eat it. I literally had to hide when I cut his food so he would think it just came that way…. that happened. My daughter doesn’t like when you take food from her she will cry until you give it back even if she hasn’t touched it for minutes. So I wipe her face and while her eyes are covered or she’s distracted I have to take her tray away. The things we do as parents… 

here is a picture of my son sneaking into my daughters room as I was putting her to bed. Notice he’s using a giant bear as cover. My life revolves around anticipating what will set one of them off.


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